Photo of orange Pincushion




Pincushions are a South African wildflower which can grow very successfully in Australia. They have globe-like flowers in a range of colours from yellows through oranges to reds, and they flower over many months.  We have small quantities of the following varieties:

VARIETY                                     AVAILABILITY
So® Successful                            June to October
So® Exquisite                              June to October
Rigoletto                                     July to September
So® Sincere                                July to October
Mardi Gras® Ribbons                    July to September
Carnival® Red                             August to October
High Gold                                    August to October
So® Innocent                              August to November

Typical vase life of 15 days+       

Photo of So Successful Pincushion flower
Photo of So Sincere Pincushion flower
Photo of So Innocent Pincushion flower
Photo of So Exquiste Pincushion flower
Photo of Carnival Red Pincushion flower
Photo of High Gold pincushion