About our farm
Areal photo of farm & map showing location

Our farm is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland at an elevation of about 450m above sea level.  The farm is on 3.5 hectares (8.5 acres) and it takes about 10 minutes to walk around the fence line. There are around 8 km of mounded growing beds situated on gentle slopes.  We have a rich red to black volcanic soil which is naturally low in phosphorous, which is important for growing certain species.

In 2010 we started using biological farming principles on the farm which involves taking soil and leaf samples and then providing the soil and plants exactly what they need in a form that the plant can readily take in and which boosts the soil ecology.  This means that our plants, and the soil that supports them, are healthy and resistant to pests and diseases.  This leads to a better quality flower for you.

We are concerned about our impact on the environment and so we have installed a solar PV system on our shed which produces more electricity than we use and hence offsets our carbon emissions.  We like to ‘work smarter’ rather than ‘work harder’, and so have invented numerous labour-saving devices and procedures, many of which have the added benefit that they preserve the quality of the flowers.  All these factors helped us to be awarded the Australian Flower Industry Magazine's, Cut flowers and Foliage Sustainable Production Award of Excellence in 2015.

About our farmers
Lodi Pameijer

Lodi Pameijer is our managing director.  His responsibilities include marketing, sales, recruitment, transport, and the day to day running of the farm.  Lodi grew up on a farm in the Burdekin in North Queensland and so has a background in farming.
Lodi is very involved in the flower industry and is President of the Flower Association of Queensland Incorporated, Past-President of the Australian Flower Council, and is a board member of WildFlowers Australia.

Photo of Lodi Pameijer
Yucca Pameijer
Photo of Yucca Pameijer

Yucca Pameijer is our Research Director.  She is from a scientific background with an honours degree in biology and is in charge of research, pest monitoring, leaf and soil testing, employee administration, shed operations and the accounts.