Photo of Christmas Bush


Christmas Bush

Ceratopetalum gummiferum

NSW Christmas Bush flower in September and have numerous small white flowers with petal-like bracts. However, they are not suitable as cut flowers at this time due to their short vase life. Over the next few months, the fertilised flowers undergo a major change, where the bracts expand and become bright red resulting in the bushes having red 'flowers' and glossy dark green leaves at the start of summer.¬† This makes them ideal for use in Christmas flower arrangements. In addition to the red varieties, we have a rare coral pink variety which is perfect for early summer wedding bouquets.

Christmas Bush from our farm is ready for cutting from early November until mid-December. We have a number of varieties which lets us harvest this product over an extended period as each variety matures at a different time. One of our most popular lines, it is recommended that you place your orders early to secure your supply for Christmas.

Typical vase life: 5 days+

Photo of Alberys Red Christmas Bush
Photo of Coral Pink Christmas Bush
Photo of KSCL9 Christmas Bush
Photo of Festival Christmas Bush flowers
Photo of Shiraz Christmas Bush flowers